Monday, November 21, 2016

OK, here's the deal.

Right off the bat, I voted for Trump.

No shame, no gloating.

So any squeaky Hillary supporters out there, let fly.  Let fly with your sneery-upper-class "I'm better than others" attitude that makes your argument seem to come out of the mouth and psyche of a British Toff from the 1920's.

Trumpeters:  Let go and get-down your not-too-well-disguised John Wayne swagger and ideas that "There is a new Sheriff in town" that will fill your desire to transform this country into a decrepit and past-its-pull-date facsimile of 1950's America.

Nope, I chose Trump, but me and most folks who voted for The Donald did so on the not-too-likely chance that the slide downward won't be quite so steep.   I really felt that Hillary would be more likely to do serious damage (Read here:  Major war and an acceleration of the crumbling of the lower 60% of the American populace) than the flim-flam man with the oddly-coiffed hair.

Any one of the four national candidates would have failed.  Donald will probably fail.  But I truly think that the fallout, blowback, and out and out damage from the Trump Presidency would be more manageable, more containable, than the fallout, blowback and out and out damage than from a Clinton Administration.

Neither of them had policies to address the big problems facing us.  Their "policies" if they can be called such, were genuflections to emotional responses to second tier problems.

Big issues will be coming at us soon.  I voted for Trump because he might have a pretty crappy chance of pulling something out of his hat.  I think that he is clever enough that he might come up with something to slow down the skid. Hillary had nothing.  A huge victory for either of these two midgets would be simply a maintenance of things as they are right now. 

But I most certainly ain't putting my money on that kind of keeping things afloat outcome.  Unless you give me 10:1 or better odds.

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