Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ongoing Review

So, Little Donny, a rich preppie from New York is the boss.  Might do well, might not.

But he does bring some interesting baggage and people with him.   On first glance, Ivanka's hubby, Jared Kushner seems a greasy little shit.  Daddy buys his way into Harvard and he marries well.  Rich daddy's boy marries rich Daddy's girl.

But, let's stand back here and look at the whole deal.   Maybe things are all right.  Rich kid goes to "elite" private school catering to folks of my paternal grandmother's faith.  Kid fucks off because he knows that the nose to the grindstone shit that these rich kid diploma mills pawn off as an education is  just a bragging point for his parents and a place for him to learn to suck up to the right people.  Now I am starting to like this kid.

Then Daddy big bucks (who the more I read about the more I like) gifts the whores of Harvard with 2.5 large and Voila!,  the impersonal wheels of GPA and SAT spit out an acceptance letter.

But now come the real questions.  Who did he hang out with?  What did he learn from folks not of his class?  Did he recognize the social club atmosphere and use it, all the time laughing his way to the bank?

From what I have read, he comes from new money, a family without the slavish devotion to the elite norms.  A family that is competent in a knife fight.

Maybe this will be OK.

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