Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Sat around a table at the Laurelwood last night, drinking dark beers and listening to friends reminisce, bitch, and whine.

2 x Ph.D., a masters, and a couple of BS.  Lotta education at the table.  What we talked about was a dying technology.  But the 100+ years of work of the participants ensured that the technology and the business practices of the management paying the bills stayed center stage.  The desire to maintain their stuff and their relative status was none too subtly ignores.

I won't even bother to tell you the tech, it in non-important.  What is important is the way that folks have approached it here in the West.  Simple tech, cheap materials, easy manufacture.  Provides for a desperate need.  But the West lards on layers of greedy management, corrupt regulatory efforts, scheming and corrupt and greedy middlemen and what was once a $0.50 product is now a $7.00 white elephant that no one wants.

So what does the brain trust at the table come up with as an idea.  Why, all you have to do to reach your dreams of continued steady and lucrative employment is to pair a simple, hand-held, computer chip reader with the already overpriced system.

Folks wonder why everything moved out of America.

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