Monday, December 19, 2016

Saint Camping

Africa is going to be a mess.

Some argue that it is already there, but I am thinking that there is a long row to hoe ahead of them and the prospects don't look good.   I was alerted to the overall issue by Demetrius over at The Cynical Tendency and I wish to thank him for the information and the thoughts.

The nice lady above gives an understated view of things.  All that is needed is a whole shitload of jobs.   This comes from the point of view of one who only sees what got us to where we are now.  I think that she doesn't see that what got us to where we are now is not going to be available to Africa because there is less every year and I think that there is no chance we will be sharing what we have.

I think that the biggest issue facing Africa will be the loss of foreign investment and aid as Europe and America start pulling back into versions of the "America First" visions currently in vogue.

The sheer number of people who need jobs in Africa coupled with the loss of foreign investment and climate change beginning to get traction will mean some pretty bad things may very well be in the offing.

I think that Europe has just scratched the surface of the Volkswanderung that is coming. Here in the colonies, there are a couple of oceans buffering the flow.

Perhaps it is time to revisit "The Camp of the Saints".

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