Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Same as it ever was

What we are looking at is a change in government from one set of oligarchs to another set of oligarchs.

The current flavor of oligarchs are understandably miffed about the ejection from their access to "just desserts".  The new flavor of oligarch seems to be fumbling around a bit, trying to figure out how to extract the resources needed to get things together and assembling the team that will war with reality (and probably lose).

In other words, another December in a leap year in America.  It has happened this way frequently in the past, this time it just has a lot less style and a lot more drama than ones we have had to deal with in the not-too-recent past.

Truthfully, I kinda blame this state of affairs on the artless and vulgar Clinton family.  They and their minion fellow-travelers have been nothing but trouble for the past twenty-four years.  They came into power being kinda sleazy, they maintained their power by being kinda sleazy, they got rich afterward by being kinda sleazy, and now they seem to be taking their defeat by being kinda of sleazy.  But one does have to give them high marks for consistency.

I think that my favorite ploy of late is that "The Rooshans did it!".  But what did the Russians do? Apparently, they allowed the citizens and voters of the United States a peek inside of the sausage making factory that is America's version of a Constitutional Federal Republic.   Horrors.

I have yet to see even a shred of hard evidence that the vote was sullied (any more than usual, I would guess that the Dem's still fuck with the vote in Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts, Republicans still fuck with Florida and Texas)  But that is just baseline voter fraud, balanced between the parties and part of the rich tradition of our quadrennial clown-show.

I have no doubt that the Russians did something somewhere.  But I doubt seriously that what we are seeing and what people are shouting about is what the Russians did.  

We are not a subtle people.  The Russians are.  I feel strongly that the Russians wish to weaken us, but that is a normal part of statecraft which we, as a country, feel more than justified in doing to others.  We seem to forget that what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

I think that what we are seeing here is a lot of hard feelings about being made a fool and not having the intelligence to figure out how or why it was done to us.

Hat's off to Vladimir Vladimirovich and his gang of merry pranksters and a job well done.

Now, lets get back to work fixing the problems we have, rather than whining about our hurt feelings.

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