Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Very Odd

Don't really know what to say.

I saw the full flower of "Trump won, prepare for the apocalypse" this weekend.

It is scary.

A good birthday weekend though, watched "White Christmas" for the first time ever and hooted.  I am always pleased when I watch 50's innocent, 100% hokey films.  The fifties ability with hokey is the key to the whole thing.

Hollywood created a wonderful myth.  A saccharine simulacrum of reality for all of us to believe.

And we did so want to believe.  We spent the next fifty years staring at the simulacrum and wishing ourselves into it.  Unfortunately,  the world outside the simulacrum failed us, and now the cold reality of the big world shows that the Republic is in serious trouble.

So we cast around in our different options for simulacrum selection  and voila, out pops the zombie apocalypse.  Bing and Rosemary failed us, so lets cast around for something opposite of what didn't work.  So now rides the zombies.  Coming at you, so make certain that you put aside enough guns and ammo to ride out the storm.

Whew.  It gets tiresome.

You notice that Hollywood doesn't ever have a "We gotta slog through years of shit, doing kinda unpleasant things, and making unfortunate compromises and sacrifices, just to keep things almost (but not quite) the same", myth.

Some of us are now without a myth to live by.

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