Friday, December 16, 2016

Where we we be?

As usual, Ugo Bardi something to think about.  Thanks again for your time and efforts.

But, after the bile and calumny of this election I have come to a pretty basic conclusion:

We're fucked.

But, either of the two astonishly unpopular candidates would have taken us to the same place, the only difference was the style and personality.  We had the choice between a thin-lipped corrupt schoolmarm and an arrogant blowhard.  The plans were the same (Try to hold together the facade of neoliberalism and neoconservatism) and the choices presented to the US citizenry leads to the same destination.

Everyone is worried because the Trump will try for a last gasp attack on the resource base of limited planet.  Well Buckaroos, that train left the station a long time ago.  Come to think of it, we were all on the train when it left.

Lets say Trump makes the attempt at letting the oil companies "Drill baby Drill".  Will that change the depletion rate of the fracking well or the ongoing decline of Gwahar?  Nope, it most certainly won't.  Will the US populace suddenly wake up to the error of its ways and divest itself of the sacred Automobile and start taking mass transit.  Again nope.

Trump as a decision maker will offer a brief rise in oil production and accelerate the negative slope of the curve after the party.  But 50 years from now we will still be out of high EROEI oil and we will be making due with a lot less energy than we do now.  What Trump chooses to do in the here and now is just window dressing.

The factories and jobs aren't coming back, and do we want the pollution of heavy industry coming back anyway?  The deplorables lot will not be better in fifty years, bank on it.  The monetary system is a shambles, and a cashless society won't save us.

Look, the party is over.  Time to start working on what comes next, not entertain ourselves watching the thrashing of a dying dinosaur.

I think that I will work on small local medical diagnostics for a post industrial world in decline.

Because that is where we are going.  We have always known that is going to be the destination.

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