Sunday, July 9, 2017

Wasting Potatoes

Step one of the process is the fermentation medium.  In distilling terms this is called a "wash".  Simply put, is sugar and nutrients for the yeasty-beasties that they can eat up and poop out alcohol.

I am starting with potatoes.  440 grams are chopped up and put into a measuring cup

The measuring cup is filled up to the 1 liter mark with tap water.  Total weight of potatoes and water is 981 grams. (541 grams of water)

Potatoes/water placed in pot and brought to a boil....heat is reduced to achieve a slow boil and potatoes are cooked for 30 minutes.

After boil, total volume reduced to 850ml.  Added 150mL tap water.

Let cool to about 155 C.  

Added 1/8 teaspoon of alpha amylase.  Amylase is the enzyme that converts starch to simple sugars.  Yeast can't eat starch, so you have to break it down for them.  A starch is just a chain with the individual links being simple sugars

Wait an hour:  Leave the pan on the burner to scavenge residual heat and slow cooling.

Measured the specific gravity..  1.024.... I can get out of this is a 4.5%....not enough for good distillation.....back to the drawing board

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