Wednesday, September 10, 2008


TEOTWAWKI can take any number of forms. As I have been discussing lately, most of these forms are gradual, with a mundane, workaday kind of flavor to them. But, consider the other options. At what point does the breakdown become sufficient to begin to infringe on your daily living style.

Most of us have a tendency of using electronic cash for a whole slew of things. Pay all kind of bills and daily bread kind of purchases, or we use checks. I see this for of payment being the most friable. I can't say for sure, but if the phone lines are down and folks can't check on funds at your bank, these payment types are not going to get you much if TEOTWAWKI hits.

Cash is good. For the run of the mill SHTF situations, can't beat it. Keep some about. But as our government gets more adventurous in the financial sector, things may come to pass that cash will buy you things, but it may becoming more suspect. Be aware of the possibility and keep an eye out for news.

Silver is great stuff. Years ago my Dad told me that a silver quarter would always buy a gallon of gas, that a silver dime would buy you a loaf of bread. It is still true forty years and a passel of weirdness later. It is small, easily recognized, and people will talk to you if you have it in your hand. There may come a time when the same may not be said for cash.

Gold is the big dog. The trouble is that it is almost too much value in a small place. A gold eagle is sexy, but the reality is, it is an invitation for folks to come knocking with weaponry if times are shitty. I have some, but I am careful with who sees it.

Trade goods are great. My favorite is whiskey. The worse times get, the more people need a drink. Me too.

So think about the savings that you have and the form they take. All of these things should probably be addressed one way or another in your preppin'.


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theotherryan said...

Cash is King unless there is a total economic or full on TEOTWAWKI collapse. Keeping a month or so of cash expenses in mixed bills sitting around is a good thing. Two months would be idea.If you want to keep more wealth on hand then that silver and gold are the way to go. As someone who is moving into precious metals I think it is a compromise between gold and silver. Silver is smaller and thus easier to make smaller purchases or transactions with. At the same time if you have to leave town with a backpack a couple pounds of silver and a small bag of gold would be far better then 20 pounds of silver. Smaller gold coins help deal with the high value issue if you aren't going to get hosed with premiums.