Saturday, March 14, 2009

The yuppies are dead (God, I will miss the food) long live the yuppies

The used grocery (actually, store where I shop has had an excellent run on boutique and fancy yuppie food.  Apparently, this stuff isn’t selling worth a hill of beans in the usual dens of yuppiedom.  I would venture a guess that as of late as even the swinish, self-centered morons who fed the food craze fads have been running out of money.  Their elite little bottles of really good food have been banished to the netherworld of liquidator stores.

So the boys and I have been livin’ large of late.  Last weeks sale of now unfashionable elite food has yielded some real gems:

  • 16 oz of unfiltered organic olive oil for $2.99.
  • Marinated artichoke hearts for $0.99
  • Calabrese bruschetta topping (red peppers, ricotta, olive oil, pecorino romano cheese) for $1.49
  • Mixed Marinated Greek olives $1.49
When you put these together with the rye pizza dough (Pane segala) you have quite a good thing.  A killer pizza for $4.50 for the whole shootin’ match.  I will take the liberty of displaying the results with one of the last two bottles of my lo-tek brau and I think that all will have to say that (in the words of that über-yuppie Martha Stewart) that this is a good thing.

(PS:  The slice to the left are the standard pepperoni/sausage that the boys insist upon….the plebeians)

So the moral of this story is that the really good food that was the hallmark of yuppiedom is looking to go the way of the last great American whale.  So, get thee hence to your local used grocery store and make hay while the sun shines.  It ain’t gonna last and I guarantee you that it will be a pleasant memory.
God I will miss the food.

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