Sunday, April 5, 2009

Carry on

Pepper Pizza with artichoke hearts 007

Yeah, things are crappy right now, but most of it is out of my reach.  I can’t fix the world, I can only work on my little portion of it.  So today is a talk about gardening.  I plan on getting right to it as soon as I finish my walk to the library and back.

Peas are a great first crop for the year.  They are cold resistant and you can get them in way earlier than just about any other crop.  If you make sure to soak them well and add a little inoculant to the soaking water, you will be contributing nitrogen to your soil for the next crop in the rotation.  You have to love the nitrogen fixing that these little buggers do you you.  I am going to follow on with the tomatoes.

Spent a small fortune on tomato seed this year.  $2.95 for the heirloom blacks and $3.10 for the purple calabash.  But, I am going to use these as a base for my future seed stock and even try my hand at some hybridization to make my own stock.  If nothing else, it will be a great science project for the boys. 

Mostly, working in the garden gives me a sense that I am a part of things in a bigger picture.  I sure as hell is better than whining about the antics of the Wall Street Thieves and the Washington Based flunkies.  That story is old.  I am certain than the peasants in Picardy did exactly the same whining about the Dukes and Kings and financiers of l'Ancien Régime.

So, I’m ignoring the world for the day, except for a small, south-facing strip 4’ x 30’.  I would recommend strongly that y’all do the same.

PS:  Found a great new site for gardening, Daughter of the Soil.  She puts out some pretty music too, check her out.

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Mayberry said...

Wish I had some soil to plant in, my yard's a sandbox. Weeds don't even grow very well! Ha ha! If I had any money for it, I'd do some raised beds, but most lilely this house will (thankfully) be a memory before I could harvest anything......