Thursday, April 9, 2009

Give it up



You know guys, the money is gone, the barn door is still wide open.  The crooks are in charge, and we are all responsible in one way or another.  As the pretty picture sez’  It’s over, let it go.

So he is my latest idea.  Lets all stop voting for the federal positions.  No votes for Pres, Senator, or Congressmen.  Vote for all of your state and local elections.  Work hard at your state and local level.   Start to build something instead of whining of spilt milk.

Here is a statement from my local head of elections.

If there is a race or contest appearing on your ballot on which you do not wish to cast a vote this does not void your ballot.  A voter is not required to cast a vote on each contest on their ballot.  Even if one or more contests is skipped all votes cast by the voter will still be counted.

I think that Andrei Sakharov once suggested that the way to deal with politicians is to ignore them.  I say that this is the way to go.  Don’t pay any attention to the corrupt and venal politicians at the federal level.  Ignore them.   Make your attention focus closer to home where it can do some good.

Ignore them.

(BTW:  If anyone knows of the “Sakharov”?? quote that I am so desperately trying to find…..little help here?)

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Mayberry said...

Unfortunately, I believe that ignoring the politicians is what got us into this mess to begin with. I've also found that the more I ignored them, the more attention they've paid to me, or at least my bank account and their sundry attempts to drain it......