Gravity Lessons


I guess that I have been writing less lately.  I was pondering why, and finally came up this this.  I don’t really care what happens in this stage of the fall.  In a sense, we are in the same position as our old friend Wiley Coyote.  We are off the cliff, we are falling.  Not a blessed thing that we can do about it.

So I am spending my time enjoying the trip.  When I look at this sad, hapless excuse for an administration I feel despondent (but they sure are a quite a bit better than Bushie).  They are exactly like Wiley when he is clawing at the air, trying desperately to make it back to the edge.  I don’t think that it will happen, Wiley never makes it back.

So, right now it is spring.  The bills are paid, the taxes are current.  I need to prep more, need to save more.  But none of those tasks are helped by my freaking out and getting obsessed with the antics of people who have fallen off the cliff and are trying to refute the lessons of gravity.


Publius said…
Right attitude...
I'm starting a big garden this coming weekend at a friend's yard.

Gardening. Shopping for needed supplies. Planning.

And enjoying life... including getting my stereo setup going, with good turntable and tube amp.

By the way, did you ever find a good used turntable?
Degringolade said…

No Turntable yet.....I haven't hacked away sufficiently at the priority list to get down to it yet.

But I am working on it.

Publius said…
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Shy Wolf said…
Dang, Degringo- you said it exactly for me.
Got lots to do at home since the weather is conducive to being outdoors.
The rivers are opening up...the canoe whispers my name...the fishing rod is creeping closer to the door...too much to do to worry about slow slides...just let the damn thing come, I'm not going to worry about it.
Mayberry said…
Methinks a lot of us have reached that point 'Gringo, myself included... Heh heh heh, like Shy said, nice weather brings on the call of the water. I was eyeballin' a nice rod and reel a couple days ago, and thinking about rod holders on the front of the Heep. I also dusted off some construction plans for a small boat I had built a few years ago, and started thinkin' about building another......
irishdutchuncle said…
of course the roadrunner never studied law, so the law of gravity doesn't apply to him. the falling isn't so bad it's that sudden stop at the bottom.

i've learned many an important life lesson from the warner brothers cartoons. (wiley coyote in particular. once in a while, he lands in the river, unhurt, instead of going splat. but then he decides to swim with the current in the mainstream. life lesson: the main stream goes over the falls first)