Monday, April 27, 2009

Why is it always the worst

I was checking up on the numbers coming out of Mexico.  Does't seem to be all that virulent a strain.  Apparently some folks have died, but nothing too far out of the norm.  I'll keep checking.
Y'all have to remember, the vaccines are developed every year with a "best guess" of the strains that may or may not be out the following year.  Quite a bit of the time they miss.  Such is life with a rapidly mutating virus like influenza.
I'm gonna keep watching, but right now it just looks like a moderately bad strain, not a TEOTWAWKI.
I for one am quite pleased, I hope that it keeps going this way, but I am taking no bets.

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Mayberry said...

This is something to watch, but not freak out about.... No deaths in America, which is good. Sad for the folks in Mexico who've died, but a testament to the land of the "free". And people want to change it why?!