Monday, August 31, 2009

The Goddamn Banks

The Banker

What we are looking at is another playing out of the game between the haves and the have-nots.  It is the same old game.  Consider this little tidbit (make sure that you have a PDF reader installed). 

The people who wrote this little gem are the folks that caused the current meltdown, who lined their pockets with money stolen from you, I, and everyone we know, who wish to turn our children into debt slaves, and who are now throwing a tantrum because they may well be forced to tell us to whom we, the citizenry, gave our money.

They are trying to keep the information out of the public eye in order to con their shareholders into not selling their stock or their boards of directors from removing the management’s greedy little fingers from the till.

They are angry because they feel that they are special and deserve an extra inning of butt-fucking us. 

I am giving seven-to-two odds that they will get away with it. 


Mayberry said...

They probably will, because they own the politicians... Herr Geithner is none too pleased with the prospect of opening his books to his "subordinates" in DC. Poor baby....

Staying Alive said...

It does seem to be a waste of time to introduce legislation or take a case to court. Let's see here, soap box, ballot box, and then cartidge box. I believe that is the right order.

Great post!