Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Honestly didn't know what to say

Football season started. This is my last year coaching as next year the young son will be in 8th grade and playing for the school.

Parents meeting last evening. Most of the parents feel that this is important shit, rather than a means to tire out rambunctious twelve year olds. I was looked at funny when I told them that the young son doesn't play unless he is on the honor roll. They thought that I was putting too many demands on him.

The real kicker was how one of the parents began explaining to me that he was certain that the money and effort that he was putting into his kids sports would have a big payoff when it came down to scholarship time. You see, the father actually was worried about the ROI (return on investment) for the money he was putting into his kid.

The sad part is, his kid is a good kid, he just want to be a nerd. He is much more interested in talking science to me than talking football. He really isn't very athletic, but at this age, who can tell?

Things are getting way out of hand in youth sports. I am really happy this is my last year coaching.


HermitJim said...

I think that a lot of parents want to relive their childhood through their kids! That's a shame, forcing a child to go in a direction he doesn't want to go!

Good post with some valid points...

Stephanie in AR said...

I find that so sad - *if* he gets a scholarship one injury & when that school year is finished the money is gone. Seen a few too many injured sports kids wondering what they did wrong. So many kids are doing the sports/school activities routine that colleges are now looking at what a kid does in their spare time - when there's nothing in it but pure enjoyment.