Thursday, August 27, 2009


Original 07/15/05

I'm sitting at the bar in Narita airport again. There is a glass of beer at my right hand and some Pennsylvania pretzels on my left.

The flight to San Francisco has been delayed. Apparently the plane that I just arrived on from Bangkok is not up to the task of taking us any further. That being said, as this is the plane that I just flew in on. When did it become less-than-flightworthy? Inquiring minds want to know.

So its the usual. Wanting desperately to be home. Sick of travel and completely disgusted by the mystery of the Orient. Luckily Narita is even one step past the concept of Generica. It is an environment so sterile and lacking of character that it is the equivalent of a fishbowl. A completely artificial place where life functions can be maintained to allow for a good presentation, but when you are stuck here, it drains the soul in a way that is difficult to describe.

But tomorrow afternoon I wil be hanging out with the boys and doing things that I want to do. Tomorrow is swimming and a little getting back into the house and reorganized. I really don't know why I am doing this. I will probably be leaving go back to Beijing within two weeks.

I really am beginning to hate the traveling. When you couple it with the stupidity of the missions that I am sent out to accomplish it makes it hard to get excited about the work other than the paychecks and semi-stability that it allows for the present.

So I guess that I will finish my beer, try to find a mass-market paperback to read, and live my life in the grey flannel suit.

Maybe I will dream of better days.


Mayberry said...

I don't envy you one bit. Air travel sucks, and so does being so far from home, just for work...

HermitJim said...

All I can say is...better you than me! Hoping you have a good trip back home from this point on...!

Gather ye marbles said...

2005 was dark and primitive time. George W. Bush was president, the Iraqi insurgency was in full swing, "Friends" was still on prime time, Degringolade was always fucking off to Asia, running huge risk of thromboembolism on the long transpacific flights. I was recently reminded of how bad life was in 2005: I bought a "refurbished" 2005-vintage laptop and the wifi was terrible, to get any kind of connection you had to huddle right next to the wireless router, like a caveman in front of a fire. Take two steps out of the room, and the wifi connection dropped out! I returned it and got a modern (2009) laptop, the wifi works great, I can buy stuff from Amazon while lying in a hammock in the back yard now. Also the back yard looked really bad in 2005 but since then the downstairs tenants have really fixed it up, planting flowers and stuff, which proves 2009 is better. On the downside Degringolade's blog is in reruns now but you can't have everything.