Sunday, November 15, 2009

Man...this sucks..

I had a big piece worked up about global warming.  It had graphs and links to data sets and statistics and everything!

Google ate my homework.


Anyway, the nut of the discussion is that;
  1. we are running out of fossil fuels,
  2. fossil fuels are causing the problem,
  3. a bunch of folks gotta pass away
  4. life goes on
Gotta go, sunday games are starting


tweell said...

Publius said...

boy, you're really going to get Those Who Doubt into a rant with this one!

It is so damn obvious that global warming is occurring where I am living, it ain't funny.
Global warming does NOT mean there won't be lots of snow or cold weather. It means the average temperature of the global is rising. On average. For the globe. Got it?