Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Confirmational Bias and Other Such Oddities

I have a tendency to read stuff that agrees with my preconceived notions.

Human nature I suppose. Being right is ever so much more pleasant than being wrong.  I am starting to question my own thoughts and the way that I see things going.  In other words, maybe things aren't going to hell.

But then, I go back and look at the presuppositions that led me to where I stand.  The green revolution and it's effects.  The rapid increase in oil production and usage.  The incredible population explosion.  Degradation of fisheries.  Pollution.


You see, the way that I see it is that we gotta go through storm times in a big way.  Things are horribly out of balance and our super-sized American dreams and expectations aren't going to make it though the fire of this particular forge.

The scariest part that I see that we will be facing is the reaction of the spoiled children that make up the population.  When the three-day supplies run out at the Piggley Wiggley and the general population is looking at a bag of rice and some questionable hamburger, are they going to recognize it as food or will they go out a "demonstrating" until they get something that is packaged properly?

I guess that what makes me akin to the other folks here in the tin foil hat fringe is that I don't see us going back.  The way of complexity is a failed path, but the way of simplicity is a much narrower one that will allow many fewer fellow travelers.
So I guess I will read those that say there are a bright future, hoping that they have somehow created a magic potion that will provide us ease and leisure once again.  But all I see out there is the same set of patent nostrums peddled by the same group of quacks that got us here.


Western Mass. Man said...

I whole-heartedly agree.
I agree, we need to go through some tough times, and as you said, The spoiled children won't go along with it, so it will have to be forced upon us. It would be nice if it was told to us ahead of time, but not likely.
IMHO, we are in roughly the second generation of the philosophy of my children should be better off than the parents. I think it started with the parents of GenX, and now their kids are taught the same if not worse.
It won't be very pretty.

Mayberry said...

I just look at the fact that the human population is way beyond what the planet will support, and the people in charge are only out for themselves. Those two facts lead me to what I consider the logical conclusion that we are screwed. All it takes is one big oopsie-daisy to bring the whole works crashing down, and as you pointed out it will be an ugly scene. Human nature guarantees it...