Monday, July 5, 2010

Upon Mature Reflection

OK, I spent some time and coin making a statement.  Moved the site over to a new server. Then quit because I didn't see the use in writing anymore.  Grand gestures of an idealist.

What a dumbass.

So what if Google watches my every keystroke.  In the first case, I am fairly certain now that they are only doing this to better figure out how to sell me shit on the internet.  If I don't buy shit on the internet, their loss.  In the second case, all I am doing in exercising my right to free speech and free press.  If someone wants to give me a free soapbox (with their company name placed prominently on the soapbox) well, good on them.

So my going to another site and throwing this grand hissy fit is yet another in a long line of grand gestures that end up with me slinking back and looking sheepish.  I would feel guilty for this, but it is such a time honored tradition in my life, it is more like an old friend than a character flaw.

So, I am going to let the other, $90.00/annum site go and come back here with the requisite amount of contrition.  I might or might not write a lot.  I think that I will just build up some lumber in the virtual lumber yard of the post storage.

I am here to write for myself and for you fellow odd ducks that occasionally agree with me.   Sometime you give me new ideas, sometimes you make me laugh.  Sometimes you piss me off.

For some odd reason, I am happier when I do this.  That's enough.

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Mahtomedi said...

Welcome back to Blogger Trailer Park. There are worse things that can happen.