Friday, July 23, 2010

The Vapor Pressure of a Google

Consider Google for a while. For a while, I went out somewhere else, looking for greener pastures and a less intrusive medium of information. Then all the sudden one day, I got to thinking "what the hell". Google is a transient. The latest of a bunch of media darlings riding the wave of digital technology.

We know all of them, old geezers like me remember the elephants who have gone to the graveyard. Data General, Digital, Sun, Compaq, Atari. They start out like IBM as world straddling behemoths, then gradually die out as the digital ecosystem they set out to exploit morphs beyond the feeble dreams of their business plans.

Google will do the same. It is built around the lamed and dying economic models that gave us globalization and the housing boom, easy credit and high-velocity money. As the world changes to the smaller and more local systems that will be our lot, Google will join the other dead elephants in the graveyard.

Look at the Dow Dones companies in 1920, 1959, and now:


American CanBaldwin LocomotiveTexas Company
American Car & FoundryCentral LeatherU.S. Rubber
American LocomotiveCorn Products *U.S. Steel
American SmeltingGeneral Electric CompanyUtah Copper
American SugarGoodrichWestern Union
American Telephone & TelegraphRepublic Iron & SteelWestinghouse Electric
Anaconda Copper


Allied ChemicalGeneral Electric CompanySears Roebuck & Company
Aluminum Company of America *General FoodsStandard Oil of California
American CanGeneral Motors CorporationStandard Oil (NJ)
American Telephone & TelegraphGoodyearSwift & Company *
American Tobacco BInternational HarvesterTexaco Incorporated (formerly Texas Company)
Anaconda Copper *International NickelUnion Carbide
Bethlehem SteelInternational Paper CompanyUnited Aircraft
ChryslerJohns-ManvilleU.S. Steel
Du PontOwens-Illinois Glass *Westinghouse Electric
Eastman Kodak CompanyProcter & Gamble CompanyWoolworth

3M Company   Dupont  McDonald's Corporation   Alcoa Incorporated   Exxon Mobil CorporationMerck & Company, Incorporated   American Express Company   General Electric Company   Microsoft Corporation    AT&T Incorporated    Hewlett-Packard Company    Pfizer Incorporated    Bank of America Corporation    Home Depot Incorporated     Procter & Gamble Company    Boeing Corporation   Intel Corporation    Travelers Companies*    Caterpillar Incorporated   International Business Machines   United Technologies    Corporation  Chevron Corporation   Johnson &    Johnson     Verizon Communications Inc.    Cisco Systems, Inc.*    J.P. Morgan Chase & Company   Wal-Mart Stores Incorporated     Coca-Cola Company    Kraft Foods Inc.    Walt Disney Company

Guys...have fun with this as long as the idiots keep providing it for free.

It ain't gonna last

I'll keep blogging and I will remember to save backups of everything on my hard drive.......never hurts

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Mayberry said...

Interesting how it's gone from American manufacturing and quality tangible items to junk food, financial thieves, entertainment, and fluff. The wheels will come off the Chinese rollercoaster...