Tuesday, July 27, 2010

White House Predicts Record $1.47 Trillion Deficit : NPR

I was just reading that the Prez has admitted that they are going to keep running up the tab.  You know, I good with that.  The money isn't real, and maybe they can extend things long enough for me to fort up a little better and be ready.

I am not really thinking that running up the tab will work, or for that matter, it won't make things marginally worse when the hammer falls, but it might allow me a bit of time.  In the end, that isn't a bad deal.

But there are a lot of folks out there who can't or won't look out and recognize the storm times that are moving in.  I have genuine sympathy for these folks, when things keep going the way that they will for the next couple of years, they won't do the necessary things, they will try to maintain the facade that is burying them and they will go down.  It is truly a pity.

You see folks, they were the true believers.  They were incapable of the necessary skepticism that allows one to be a decent scientist or have a world view relatively free of lies.  The government has taken care of them.  They have nice homes, decent cars, adequate educations when defined by the progressively lowering standards, and a Madison Avenue approved lifestyle that is equated with success.

What we are seeing is the American system being pulled apart for the sake of political and business elites who derive their power and perquisites from the false promises outlined above.  They have created a system similar to the ancien régime in it's power to deliver a munificent lifestyle to the upper nobility.

But this new regime is ending now.  It is thrashing around, trying to come to grips with its limits.  It will pass, and a lot of folks will remember the times for the pleasure given.

Celui qui n'a pas vécu au dix-huitième siècle avant la Révolution ne connaît pas la douceur de vivre et ne peut imaginer ce qu'il peut y avoir de bonheur dans la vie. C'est le siècle qui a forgé toutes les armes victorieuses contre cet insaisissable adversaire qu'on appelle l'ennui. L'Amour, la Poésie, la Musique, le Théâtre, la Peinture, l'Architecture, la Cour, les Salons, les Parcs et les Jardins, la Gastronomie, les Lettres, les Arts, les Sciences, tout concourait à la satisfaction des appétits physiques, intellectuels et même moraux, au raffinement de toutes les voluptés, de toutes les élégances et de tous les plaisirs. L'existence était si bien remplie qui si le dix-septième siècle a été le Grand Siècle des gloires, le dix-huitième a été celui des indigestions." Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord: Mémoires du Prince de Talleyrand: La Confession de Talleyrand, V. 1-5 Chapter: La jeunesse - Le cercle de Madame du Barry.


Mayberry said...

No paravou Francais... Yes, it's coming down all around them. And I just can't help but think they're doing it deliberately, since common sense tells us what the proper course of action is. It is NOT spending... As far as time goes, it doesn't matter much to me because the system is eating me alive, so I'd rather it die quickly and get it over with. Then I could get on with the business of rebuilding my life. Until then I'm in limbo. Or it could be hell...

NoHype said...

The national debt only matters to those who hold it and those who pay (or decide not to). Pick your "ism" or system of government and you'll find a curious little fact. Once a government seeks to collect in excess of a certain percentage of the national output, tax collections plummet. That's what's happening now. People are opting out of the labor force in massive numbers.

Our governors didn't quite expect this particular consequence of the two-earner family when they began promoting it as a method of wage arbitrage more than 30 years ago. Families CAN live on one income. And once they have nothing left to lose (credit rating, house, car), they'll be very happy to live on one income. As a consequence, tax collections keep diving everywhere with no end in sight.

Our rulers don't want this. They want GDP growth so they can skim ever larger pieces of an infinitely growing pie. In their hubris (like the Court of Louis XVI), they think they'll be able to fudge the numbers sufficiently to sate their endless greed.

It doesn't take a conspiracy. Just a plurality of fools at the top.