Monday, October 4, 2010

Back from the trip

Locutius and Cinna are the only two people in the world whom I would willingly sequester myself in a vehicle to drive to the end of a road to see what is there.  This time it only took 2 days and 800 some odd miles to get there.

I am not telling you where I went.  Nope, this one is a keeper.  Next to mountains.  Access to a major river.  Agricultural land.  Far from the madding crowd.  I am keeping this in my mental file as the place to get some land for the boys to keep.  Not a big chance, but you have to keep options opened.

Mostly squawked about politics.  One thing that always surprises me is how that moron Bushie is still being blamed for all of the problems in the world.  Whenever I pointed out that the current occupant of the White house seems to have done little or nothing to rectify the massive number of errors committed by the prior administration there was a dull silence.  When I mentioned that I thought that the policies that ol' 44 had implemented seemed to benefit the wealthy there was sullen assent.  When I mentioned that I didn't really see any difference in performance between 43 and 44, there were angry rebuttals.  As I didn't wish to cause a stink, I admitted that he gave a great speech.

I think that they, like myself and most other folks, are nervous.  The act of growing older limits the options available for recovery from obstacles. When you get past a certain point, the ability to recover vanishes altogether.  I pray for the success of their plans every day.   

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