Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trouble at the mill

You know, when I sit down and examine it rationally, I come to the conclusion that I have no clue whatsoever about what is going on in the world.  

It has always been a damned odd place.  It seems that things haven't changed all that much and it is still a damned odd place.  I think that one of my biggest faults is trying to make sense of it.  It may be a fools errand to even attempt to do so.

I made a couple attempts at surfing once.  I was sore for a week and my Hawaiian friend Mapu was gasping for breath with laughter at my early attempts.  But I did learn one thing, that when you are playing around with something bigger than yourself, there isn't a lot to understand.  It can squash you like a bug and you had better be getting out of its way, or just learn to get along with it.

A big wave seems to building up.  But anybody who has spent any time near an ocean will probably tell you that a whole bunch of the time what you think will be a big wave just washes your ankles when it finally gets to where you are.  I think that this idea applies here too.  

So, I will keep you posted, tomorrow will be the recipe for Bacon/potato/cheddar cheese soup.  

Maybe a decent idea for a post will come between now and Friday. 

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Bustednuckles said...

I actually have the ingredients for this and now it is soup season.

Bring it.