Monday, October 18, 2010

Why I don't eat out

Other than the fact that I am a cheapskate. and prying money out of my wallet usually requires the jaws of life.

Oh, I will head down to Muchas Gracias and eat one of their burritos, God, are they great.  I will even head in and eat at the Jerusalem Cafe downtown.  The middle eastern food there is good beyond words. Local food shops usually gives you food.  Not corporate-blessed calorie units

This is what America Eats.

But if you eat at one of the corporate bullshit chains, I really don't care which one, you are putting shit into your body that no self-respecting organism would have anything to do with.  Now, don't get me wrong, I will do this occasionally, but I almost feel the need to go to confession and pony up some tithe to wash myself of sins afterward.

My youngest always describes his desire to go to Taco Bell as a craving for cheap, fatty goodness.  I try as hard as I can to dissuade him.  I am begining to realize that this is a ploy to get me to panic and offer to take him to Muchas Gracias as an option.

I'm on to you punk.


Mayberry said...

I don't eat out much, and when I do it's at a local mom'n'pop place. I hate the chain joints. But the sheeple around here went ga ga over a new PF Chang's (never heard of 'em). I just rolled my eyes and got hungry for Catfish Charlie's. Their tartar sauce is to die for...

Gather ye marbles said...

I have tasted cheap fatty goodness, and you, Taco Bell, are not cheap fatty goodness. You are just fatty, and cheap.

russell1200 said...

At age seven: a Happy Meal with cool toy are Nirvana.

Degringolade said...

When my sons were younger, I would buy them the happy meals and take them to the McDonalds Play place to play.

The food obviously didn't kill them, and the immune challenge offered by letting the crawl around in those tubes helped them fend off illnesses.

But I still cannot forgive the bastards for slipping in the Bionicle toy in the happy meal. That little franchise probably cost me $1,000 all things said and done.

Damned expensive happy meal.