Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Well, that didn't work

I have been working on a article about the debt (no it didn't go away), and this morning, when I was going over it prior to publishing, I realized that it was complete crap.


Well, you get this little apologia instead.  I will also throw on a little additional discussion on bloggers too-infrequent use of proof-reading and self criticism.   Now I fully realize that a too-large portion of what I have written over the past years is really not very good, but you ought to see the doozies that have gone into the wastebasket.

Too much of what is written in the cybersphere is stream of consciousnesses that really should not have made it past the mental filters of the writer.  But the immediacy of the medium allows for a more Joycian approach to writing.  But remember, Ulysses was ungodly hard to read, not all that well written, and  ultimately disappointing.  Much the same can be said of many blog posts.

I am hoping that blogging and distributed political/moral thought will continue to mature, but a first step will always be realistic self appraisal.

Get on it.

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Gather ye marbles said...

Maybe you could post a series called "Degringolade's Greatest Shits," in which you post your worst stuff from the reject pile, with an introduction in which you explain why it sucks so bad. From a reader/commenter perspective, I think that could be interesting. And I differ with you about Ulysses: Some if it (but not all) is tough reading, but I think it's some of the best writing ever, and the opposite of disappointing. (I guess the opposite of disappointing would be "not disappointing.")