Friday, November 11, 2011

Back Writing on a Day off

Just haven't been into it this week.  The whole damn thing is going apeshit in slow motion and the games that the bankos and the politicos play are getting stale.  I am tire of commenting on the same.

The local environment is saner and constrained.  Much easier to get a handle on.  Money is getting tighter week by week.  Getting by is getting more of a tightrope act.  Such is life.  Things will probably get worse before they get any better, better learn to deal.  Mostly life lately has been the formulation of strategies to make do with less.

You see, that is going to be the fate for a while.  It will be a fate shared by a majority of the folks you and I know.  The rules will be quite simple.  Make do with less, perhaps a lot less.

I am kind of irritated at the prospect.  Being a crabby old man who has watched the game being played for a long time,  I can turn my 20-20 hindsight to the rear and see where the mistakes were.  I missed a lot of the opportunities to make my nest plusher at this point.  But in truth, the things that I might have had that others call their own are the things that are in play right now.


Craig Cavanaugh said...

Yeah, hindsight is always 20/20. Woulda coulda shoulda... But dinna. Oh well.

Bustednuckles said...

One little bit of good news, some serious assholes are going to get audited,