Friday, November 4, 2011

Can't think of much too saay

Mostly, it is getting stale.  I am sick of the ongoing and hyperventilating crises and the end of the western world as diligently documented by the doomers and others.

I am not so intellectually puerile as to start listening to mainstream media.

I am completely aware of the government and differing political parties takes on the issue and feel that they are all fantastically full of shit.

I think that this weekend, I will do laundry, clean house, brew beer and play World of Warcraft and pay no attention to the nonsense surrounding me.

See Y'll Monday, nothing this weekend unless something tickles my funny bone.

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I am the Sleeping Giant said...

Funny you should bring brewing up.
On my lunch I picked up the stuff to make hard cider from the 200lbs of apples that I have.
Almost as an after thought I added a de Sol kit for 5 gals of cervesa style brew....