Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gnawing at the bit

OK:  This one here will require a touch of thought.

Common Dreams, which is my absolute favorite hippie-dippie newsource (and this is by no means a pejorative term, merely descriptive) have come out with the following article.

Now, they are dissing the scientist as "never worked on nuclear weapons".  I will give them that one.  But for Gods sake, lets look at what he does for a living.


What that means is that this guy has probably more working knowledge in the application of conventional explosives than just about anyone.  He could probably design an implosion squeeze system for a nuclear weapon in his sleep.

What I think is that Iran is trying desperately to gain access to a nuclear deterrent.  Hell, with our record of invading countries and Israel's record of sabre-rattling and attacks, they would be fools not to do so.

But I really can't see how this would effect us.  The genie is out of the bottle.  I am more worried about the Russian arsenal and the interface between India and Pakistan than some vaporware "bomb" that the Persians are trying to develop.

So, what we are seeing here is an attempt to discredit a source for political purposes.  But the political issues that we must deal with are not well served by this kind of specious attacks.

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russell1200 said...

If the Iranians are as crazy as they sometimes appear to be, an Iranian bomb is really really bad. Worse even then the crazy North Koreans.

You should add the Chinese to your list if only because they have so many bombs.