Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Solution Spaces

Getting out of bed some days is an absolute bear.  Old men need their eight hours of sleep and getting them gets to be harder and harder to do.

I think that one of the real issue that people have to come with is the human desire to set boundaries.  Stating that "here is the border of right and wrong, good and bad" seems to be the fundamental issue why we can't seem to get a grip on the issues facing us.

I think that folks are trying desperately to find a set of variables that will give them a linear equation moving in a defined direction.   They want a clear point on the solution line that will define the halfway point.  They want to subtract out the "statistical noise" to deliver them a straightish line that will tell them what to do.

For a while "chaos theory" came into fashion in the science community.  Strange attractors and Mandlebrot sets were all the rage for a bit.  I notice that their use and their press has lessened precipitously since the time that most scientists figured out they really didn't understand them and the results that they delivered really didn't give fund-able conclusions.

We move through a multi-dimensional ( I am thinking that N is approximately 15) solution space, with boundary conditions that fluctuate rapidly.  Such equations do not usually lend themselves well to linear solutions.

We are winging it.  In truth, we always have been winging it.  Been winging it since we got together in groups greater than fifty.  When folks like Hammurabi and Salon starting laying down rules for play, things have gotten even more ad libitum.

So I am thinking that maybe we should figure this out and admit we don't really know what the hell we are doing.  Out political leaders are even more constrained by their Olympian view.  The number of data points and the number of variables is beyond a structures ability to cope.

We are going to keep extemporizing and hoping.  It is called the human condition

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