Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A vacation complete with self righteousness

My ex explained to to me the good work that some of the flock at her local pretend-christian-american suburb church was doing.

A family takes a two week vacation to Thailand.  Does not speak a word of Thai,

Lands in Phuket and spends a little time "resting".  Goes upcountry and finds an unsuspecting little town minding its own business.  Family screeches in horror, "there are buddhist temples here".  Stands in front of said temples, "praying against the idols."

Then, the family "feels the call" to ride around on motorcycles until they find more good work.  They find a local orphanage run by a christian couple.  Spend the day talking to children in a christian orphanage talking about Jesus.  Remember this is upcountry and they don't speak Thai.

All the while, they have been taking pictures and movies.

They then come back to the good old USA and spend a Sunday morning talking about their "missionary" work.

Ignatius Loyola ROFLHAO


russell1200 said...

Did your ex think this was a good thing?

Craig Cavanaugh said...

I can see why she's your ex. Why the hell can't some people just leave others alone? My first shotgun was not for government thugs, it was for Jehovah's Witnesses. Take your "Watch Tower" and stuff it up your ass. And if another "Baptist" asks me if I am "saved" I'll kick their fucking ass.

I know God, can't come closer to Him than running a 20' boat in 8-10' seas during a thunderstorm. So take yer little bicycling, tie wearing ass elsewhere. Nothing pisses me off more than some sanctimonious shithead preaching to me. I don't give a damn what anyone else wants to believe in so long as they don't bother me with it. Leave me alone and I'll be glad to reciprocate...