Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Obama as a poor man's antichrist

I have never seen a President who elicited so much pure hatred as Obama.  Even my buddy Busted got in on the game.

I just don't get it.  He is at best mediocre.  Folks call him a Communist totalitarian, yet he works for Wall Street almost exclusively.  His signature health care plan is shrieked at as being "Socialized Medicine", yet when you debone it, it is one of the most amazing sops ever thrown to the grossly entrenched medical insurance and medical industries ever invented.

Everyone say that he is going to go apeshit in his second term.  But, everything I have ever seen in my long years of watching the punch and Judy show called American politics leads me to believe that there is an excellent reason that folks call the second term of a presidency "Lame Duck".

As for the "Open Mike" incident that is drawing so much ire.  What?  We are trying to come to a rational negotiation with the Russians about missile defenses and nuclear weapons.  Last time I peeked, the Russkies had about 3,000 nukes, we had about 6,000.  We ought to talk nice with them.  Obama telling the Russian that he has to wait until the irrational posturings of the American elections are over before he can talk turkey is just common sense.  Yet folks act as though he is selling us out to the godless commies (who by the way, don't rule in Russia anymore.  The Soviet Union is quite dead and unmourned thank you).

Nope, Obama is at best a sleazy Chicago political hack.  He is owned by the party machinery who is owned by limousine liberals, public employee unions, and assorted Wall Street firms.  He is no more a communist totalitarian than Walter Mondale.

Obama represents the monied interests and entrenched political satrapies.  His health care "reforms" will probably be partially gutted during the next couple of months by a hostile Supreme Court.  He presides over a government intent on bankrupting the country (and folks, please remember that it is the congress that spends the money and sets the taxes, not Obama). 

Obama talks some trash about shooting the odd American in iffy countries in the middle east without due process.  Even if he does this, I really think that this is not the first time that someone in that office has caused something like that to happen, he is just the only one silly enough to say it in public.

Nope..Obama is just a mediocre President. 

Nothing to see here.

Move on.


russell1200 said...

More hated than Bush?

You need more liberal friends to get a sense of balance. It is only after a couple of couple years of O that the rhetoric has toned down - although Cheney is still despised.

The open mike event is to my mind a "non-event."

The progressive movement has been with us for over 100 years. The Democrat mainstream (not far left) has its own sort of status quo that adheres to old ideas. The are conservative-progressives.

Martin said...

Yeah, I agree pretty much - but then there's the little-noted Exec. Order president O very quietly signed a few days ago (late on a Friday, surprise, surprise) that appears to allow the Govt. to confiscate everything (and everybody) at the behest of the secretary of Homeland Security and the pres, himself. WTF?