Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SciFi Chick is Feeling Gloomy


I have Bacon and Eggs on my reader.  She cheers me up.

Not this last post.  I think that she is feeling the gloom that a lot of us are feeling lately.  Not that these feelings are wrong or inaccurate, and I kinda feel the same vibe.

Things are being masked by the fever of the election.  An extraordinary amount of money and time are being thrown at the general population right now, trying to get them to choose between a Chicago Technocrat or a Mormon rich kid.

What is sad is that both of these men, while probably being good men in their private lives, are really not up to the task of leading us out of the labyrinth.  They are too closely tied to the poles of interests that currently are wrestling for the control of spoils.  The contest between these two men is a zero-sum game, between a set of dueling fiefdoms vying for control of the diminishing resources available to a continental empire.

SciFi uses the analogy of the movie “The Matrix”.  Hmm, I can understand the desire to try on this myth, it is sexy and it kinda takes our personal responsibility for the situation out of play.   But more and more I am of the opinion that the situation that we face is a amalgam of all the decisions that we have made as a society for the last fifty years. 

In the matrix, the machines tricked us, enslaved us, and kept us in thrall by a hologram version of our lives.  We are here by a different route altogether, we are here by adding to our own chains link by link in a series of moves originally motivated by the greed for more but now motivated by the desire to retain the little we have left.

All of these links continue to bind us, we are adding links day by day in hopes that we can keep a vestige of the material that seems to have taken the place of the spiritual.  Because, when we lose the last of our wealth, we lose the last of what it is that we currently use to define ourselves.

And without the consensual hallucination of material wealth as an indicator of the good life and virtue, we are left with little to mark our passing.

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russell1200 said...

I agree with you. A subtle difference, but a difference none-the-less.

It is not there aren't warning signs, it is just that we don't want to pay attention to them. There is a level of herd mentality deception but the alternative views are very easy to find.