Saturday, May 14, 2011


It really is kinda sad watching the white folks perform their little pathologies.  The greater bulk of these folks have had a steadily declining lifestyle and real income for years now, yet they cling desperately to the idea that things will be "going back to normal".

You can sense this in the stores that these folks infest.  The white folk like the big box stores, you know, the huge fuckers.  They steer their shopping carts down the aisle and gaze at things that they don't need.  They put something in their cart eventually and queue up at a line where a bored and disinterested clerk passes the object over a bar code scanner and the profits are tallied at corporate headquarters across the country .

The stores where I shop are a bit of a different story.  There are no shopping carts usually, just hand baskets.  The aisles are narrow and packed with items which I can read only one side of the label.  You excuse yourself when people pass through the same aisle because they aisles are narrow.  You try to learn the basics of any number of languages:  perdón and извините and 谢谢 are helpful and gratefully recieved.  The vegetables are limited and you had better be able to ask làm thế nào mới.  

The minor inconveniences of shopping in these places are more than paid for by shopping in a place that is alive.  Where the folks that are shopping next to are grateful for the gifts of their life, and the owners are proud of your business and take the money from your hand themselves.

The middle class whites of this country are going to be a memory soon.  The middle class, as we boomers grew up to envision it, was never anything but a mirage.  We will be going back to the normal state of affairs soon.  By practicing now, you can start to recognize that where we are going back to is a richer place than the sterile hell that we imagined as paradise.


Mayberry said...

There is a little Filipino market down the street I've been meaning to visit. Ever since our grocery store went super-mega-jumbo I've avoided it like the plague. Ah, and I've found a friendly round Russian woman who cuts hair for $5.99. So long $12 Stupor Cuts... I'm finding more corporate alternatives these days, and finding that "cheaper because it's mass produced" meme to be totally false...

russell1200 said...

In the past, the small bodega type stores were always a little more pricey. We have some Spanish Supermercados. They are fun. They have groceries, but they are also a little like a flea market. They remind me of the couple times I worked in Puerto Rico.