Saturday, November 21, 2009

Minor League Cassandra

Truth be told, I am getting sick of waiting for the storm to hit.  I have been waiting around for a bit.  What I thought was coming has been takings its sweet time and ssssslllooooowwwwwlllllyyyy shown up piecemeal, and only around a quarter of the shit currently having arrived here at the bottom of the heap.

Cause the longer it holds off, the bigger it appears to be and the less there seems that I can do to give myself a legitimate edge.  Oh, don't get me wrong, a full pantry has nothing at all wrong with it.  Some savings in the bank, some savings not in the bank.  Nothing wrong with those either.  Not too much of anything around, because too much puts you in a dangerous spot.

Naw, mostly I think that pissing and moaning too much puts you in a bad place mentally and spiritually.   Yes the world is unfair and unjust, so what?  I don't see any appreciable change.  But the world rolls on.  Just remember to stop thinking of the world as a snapshot, a static point in time that defines your world as being right when it is "this way".

Mostly you have to develop an attitude of getting through the gap in the world that is your life.  Be aware that you will be colder and warmer than you are now.  You will be richer and poorer than you are now.  You will get through them all.

Enough of this for right now, I have to order some parts for the 3D printer I am going to try and make. 

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