Monday, September 3, 2012


Over at StatCounter I have been keeping track of the unique visitors to this site for the past couple of years.

100,000 unique visits since I started counting. Wow.  Not at all bad bad when you count in the fits of pique, surly pouts, and bouts of boredom.

It is always surprising and somewhat humbling when I realize that people actually read this stuff.

This blog started when I was staring out over the skyline of Bangkok, bored out of my skull and sick of watching westerners come in to go-a-whoring in the land of smiles.  Slow and boring start.

I started writing in a serious way when the company I was working for went under in '08 and I couldn't find a job for around 56 weeks of trying.  Actually got my most hits and did my best stuff.  I had the time to think about it.  I kept at it as a hobby for all these years, Got pissy with Google, realized that I was being useless, came back, repeated the process later.

I have taken long vacations from this avocation and written some astonishingly lame stuff during the tenure.

My most popular post was back in '09.  Got grundles of unique visitors. (347 on a single day).

My favorites are:






Mostly I want to thank you all for allowing me this soapbox and giving of your time to read my thoughts.  I wish they were all gems, but that isn't in the realm of my meager abilities.  

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