Friday, August 8, 2008

Caffeine and the New World Order

If you guys are like me, you are not worth very much unless you get a couple of cups of coffee into yourself in the morning. I do drink tea about every third morning to keep my stomach from exploding.

Now, the US imports about nineteen million 60 kilo bags every year which when you put the old calculator to work, gives you 2,508,000,000 pounds a year. The US consumes about 7.9 pounds of coffee per person per year. At a 300,000,000 population you get 2,370,000,000 pounds a year. So my friends, it looks like a statistical dead heat between imports and consumption.

Now, I am not going to do the same for tea, but as not too many of us run tea plantations, I am going to assume that the numbers are similar.

Now, SHTF. If
  1. the bad juju that is happening at the banks, and
  2. either one of the two morons running for president are elected, and
  3. our legislative branch performs its usual feat of managing to get itself re-elected without having managed to improve anything anywhere.
then the dollar and economy will probably not improve. At some point, the availability of coffee and tea as imports will become less and less, which means prices will increase.

I am torn about how to approach this. Do I carpe diem and drink all the coffee that I want and if the bust occurs go off cold turkey? Do I start ramping back now, knowing that cold turkey usually does suck? Do I start storing coffee in with the rest of my preps....hell who knows, it might turm out to be good trade goods.


Lweson said...

I would start ramping down a little and start putting whole beans in with my preps. Then get a grinder and after SHTF have a cup every now and then to remind you of what it use to be like...:)

Patricia said...

I'd look into alternatives to either. Dandelion root roasted can make a coffee substitute, chicory root too. I'm sure you've got dandelion and chicory where you are. Check out

I've never had dandelion root coffee, but I'll be getting roots in the fall.

It won't be real coffee, of course, but it'll be a hot nourishing drink.

Just a thought.

Dorcas' Daddy said...

Howdy Friend, Lurker here,

Well, oil is down to $114 today, I may not have to wait 12 months after all-heck, I may not have to wait till September.

Eagerly Awaiting An Eagle!