Wednesday, August 6, 2008


At the end of the day, you have to trust someone. Nearly every human interaction depends on trust. I think that the reason that I have such antipathy toward the rich and the corporations and the government is that I cannot think of a time that they have not abused the trust extended to them.

That the government lies to us is taken for granted in the crowd that reads the drivel that I write. I cannot imagine anyone who is incapable of listing ten to twenty government lies while continuing to read this screed.

I do not doubt that the same can be said for the corporations. But, we must be honest here, there are corporations out there who have proven themselves worthy of our trust. Another exercise, list three (at a minimum). But what I keep finding is that they are not usually national-level companies, and to be honest, I was incapable of thinking of a single trans-national that has proven itself worthy of trust. If someone could remind me of one, I would be very grateful.

The real problem for me is at the level of rich individuals. There are friends and family in that group. People who have done well by others. My real problem with them is that they are the folks supporting the evil. A rich person without defense stocks? A rich person standing up to upbraid a crooked CEO of a bank? No, what usually happens is that the rich take their profits as shareholders and really do not consider the evil that their money does when it is out of sight in their bank accounts.

So, getting back to the tax issues, and taking this rant into consideration, the reason that I tend to be angry at the rich is that they have used their money to feed the corrupt and dangerous system that we developed here in the US. Their retirement to golfing and crafting heaven depend on the continued and expanded corruption of the system.

I will be given sterling examples of where this is not true, but they will be sparse, and the rich spoken of will really not be all that rich.

So, if a person makes and or keeps his fortune:
  • in a corrupt system that is based on the accumulation of wealth at the expense of those of poor or moderate means
  • Is predicated on the continuing centralization and empowerment of a corporate oligarchy
  • Who does not use his ownership share of corporations to try to curtail their immoral and rapacious behaviors.
Is that person worthy of your trust?


Anonymous said...

Those who thought government run education was a good idea are starting to see how stupid it is to allow the very organization beholden to the people, to educate those very same people. STUPID!

They have managed to re-educate the population.

Those who thought it a good idea to allow a central group to tax without apportionment allowed themselves to be turned into slaves of the government. They also allowed the very facist/socialist movements that have corrupted our government as the corporations and politicians have gotten into bed with one another. Big suprise! And the minions are handed just enough to keep them from revolting.

We did this to ourselves. Well generation after generation anyway. We sold our souls and our freedoms to Big Daddy Guberment. And now we are reaping the rewards of our stupidity.

I would have thought a survivalist would be able to understand this. Anyone who has ever picked up and actually read a history book should have known how it would turn out.

Freedom to Complacency. Complacency to Apathy. Apathy to Dependance. Dependance to Tyranny.

Enjoy the rewards.. Tyranny is right around the corner.

'DD' said...

You stole my next post title--and you figure prominently.

Been thinking about trade and relative scarcity coming down the pipe, and how many sales and transactions will be andled by mom-and-pop's and sent by mail.

Got the eagle, I'll write everything up late this evening.