Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Class War

This is a simple set of questions.

  • Why is it in America, the rich and the corporations can use the means at their disposal to control and profit from the masses it is labeled as part and parcel of capitalism and is defended.
  • When the masses use the means that they have available to control the corporations and the wealthy it is called "class warfare"?


Anonymous said...

Its all about production. Producing things reaps rewards. But people in general are lazy. One must leverage human nature to ensure production is plentiful. That is why capitalism works and communism does not.

But capitalism comes with its ups and its downs. Good times spoil people and create complacency. And when the downs come it becomes far easier to buy dependance from the people.

But to truely turn a free people against themselves while you gobble up control one must control education, production, and leverage human nature. Sloth, Greed, Envy, Lust, etc..

Take a good look around you.

Class warefare is a distraction keeping the people fighting amongst themselves as opposed to allowing it to focus on the real puppet masters. And social programs, corporate bailouts, tax cuts, earmarks, etc are all tools used to further that goal.

Our political landscape has gradually turned the country into two camps. Directly pitted against one another. Can you say divide and conquer. The division has already succeeded. Now comes the nasty part.

Anonymous said...

Your comments from the other day about taxation are a prime example of how well re-education has worked. You are every bit a part of the class warefare generation like I an every other publicly educated person.

One day we will stop looking to the government to solve the problems and start realizing they are the problem.

But its probably too late now. Allowing them to tax any one of s even more than they already do is absolutely moving in the wrong direction.

WE MUST SOLVE OUR OWN PROBLEMS. And Big Government is the biggest problem we all share in common.