Tuesday, August 19, 2008


OK, does anyone here think that Bushie in really in charge? What he is is an attractive front-man for a group of people (the Neocons) who have put together a little ruling cabal to force their ideas down our throats. They hired Bushie to front the band, kept Cheney on as his minder, and stuffed the system full of folks to run their new empire.

Now, consider for a minute Barack Obama. He has about the same level of practical experience as Bushie did when bushie was hired as a front man. He is a Chicago machine politician with the vast experience of "community organizer", "Law School Lecturer" and a couple years as a very junior Senator.

So I am betting that the Dem's will attach an "old hand" to Obama as a VP to serve the same role as Cheney did for Bushie (I expect this will be Joe Biden or maybe Evan Bayh). Also, look at the folks who will be running his foreign policy. Zbig Brezinski is a nasty little prick and Madeline Albright will make us look back fondly on Condi. Billy Daley and Ted Kennedy will parcel out the cabinet posts, and I would be shocked if someone from the Chicago machine doesn't get his hands around the Departments of HUD and Transportation ('cuz that is where all the really tasty money is..)

So don't get to too excited about Obama. At worst, he will be an unruly puppet, but he will be a puppet.

So make sure you look real hard at the folks who will really be running the show....McCain gives us the same thing as Bushie....Obama gives us the same thing as Bushie but wearing a smiley face lapel pin.

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