Monday, August 18, 2008

Is prepping a full time activity

Lets look at this from the viewpoint of our already questionable sanity.

Prepping is an activity that recognizes the possibility of catastrophic changes. More to the point, being a prepper is to recognize that your assessment the possibilities of that catastrophic change is higher than that of the bulk of society.

Good enough. I can agree. But what I am questioning is the status of an individuals mental health and personal relationships if that person is constantly prepping and worrying about preps. Prepping is a gloomy sport. One has to have a balance of fear and hope if one is going to be capable of navigating the storm. I feel that it is important to watch your balance now.

What I am thinking is that I will probably go into some kind of cycle with preps. There are some obvious places where it is appropriate and natural to focus upon prep activities. Harvest time is an obvious choice. As an exercise, maybe you will want to identify the other times of the year where preps activities should fill your schedule.

But I think it is important to have a good bit of time put aside to enjoy the last bits of the society of wretched excess that has been created around us. I don't know about you, but I will miss a lot of the trash and dross that our society has created. I will miss taking a drive, I think that I will take one, I can afford it (barely).

I will enjoy the days before winter.


Mayberry said...

I don't see prepping as a "gloomy sport". I see it as rather exciting, and in it's own way.... fun. I derive great pleasure from learning a new skill, and better yet, applying it. And survival preps can involve some cool gear. What red blooded American male doesn't like "new toys"? Guns, knives, tools, lights, solar power systems..... I also thoroughly enjoy finding new ways to do things, either cheaper, better, without electricity.... I'm an "outside the box" kinda guy.

My "mental health" is just fine. Relationships..... Well that's another story. If your spouse ain't on board, that's where things get difficult.

irishdutchuncle said...

where would you find a mental health counselor that could even speak our language? anyway, the mental habits of a prepper are like those of a good driver. after a short time you begin to drive unconsciously. what was your favorite hobby, before you were a prepper? unless you wish to persue self sufficiency as your hobby don't obsess about it. be the person you want to be. enjoy life now with self, family and or friends.