Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sorry about the hole in my posts

It has been hot as hell here. I have been trying to stay cool and that seems to be quite a bit of effort if you try not to turn on the air conditioner. Luckily, an old friend from college came to town and we spent our days golfing in the early AM and then hiding in air conditioned bars and arguing about politics, morality, and other such rot. Bars are great ways to hide from heat.

So let's discuss heat and how to handle it. It is probably going to get hotter. Maybe not, but to me the data points that way. I hope that Dragon is right about cooling, but I would not put any serious money on that bet.

Back to the point at hand. Currently our work is done in 8-hour blocks. You go in, put your head down, and go. Damn the environment, work is done that way. Should SHTF, you are going to be looking at a different setup. Working in a continuous 8-hour block in the summer without air conditioning may not be possible or healthy. Inside or outside, if you are in a 100+ temperature environment, you better damn well hunker down and not move around too much. So plan and waking up early, getting some work done by the time that the heat gets too serious, then napping and resting until it cools down. Then when it cools off enough, work for the rest of the time, eat a late dinner in the cool of the evening, then repeat the process until it cools down enough.

Luckily, this lifestyle will also let your preps get consumed less quickly in the summer. You don't need that many calories in hot weather, and losing weight in the summer is normal, as maintaining body fat in hot weather is not all that fun.

Make sure you drink enough water. If you can flood yourself so much the better. Watch your urine output and character. If you are pissing, good. If you are pissing clear water, very good. If you start pissing dark-yellow, drink more if you have it and start watching yourself.

Folks in the Northlands will have to worry less about this. You folks down south will probably have to start taking up a lifestyle closer to the Old Mexican/Spanish ways.

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tmo said...

it snowed in colorado last night record cold as well