Wednesday, August 20, 2008


My youngest is a football fanatic. I coached my kid for the past couple of years. I played for 7 years (four high school and three at the U. of Utah) and loved the game. I still do for that matter, I am a Raiders fan and have been so for 30+ years.

But the way that sports are currently structured really does have to change. Twenty families drive a minimum of 6-7 miles every day for 12 weeks for their little prodigals to play a silly game. There are no more sports where the children ride their bikes to practice. No, the practice itself is an event, there are parents there who watch the entire practice.

A parent the other day talked confidently about getting "return on investment" on the money that he has spent on his kids sports. He is certain that with all this money and time, his brat is sure to get a scholarship. Leave it to say, the kid really sucks at most sports.

What I want to know is; Exactly when did we become the East Germans?


Bustednuckles said...

A Raiders fan eh?

Alrighty then!

I was born in Oakland, been a Raiders fan since I was old enough to watch the game.
I do believe the Raiders launched in 1960 a VERY good year for me.....
that's when I was born.

BTW, I agree with your post, it is insane anymore.

Mayberry said...

Texans are insane with our infatuation with high school football.... Personally, I hate sports. Especially professional sports. Nothing but a bunch of overpaid thugs for the most part. Besides, I refuse to support anything that I can't even afford to go see myself. I was a huge Nascar and NHRA fan when I was a kid, but today it costs a small fortune to go to one of these events. I gave up on 'em. Besides, I think it's much more fun to watch the local yokels tear it up at the neighborhood dirt track.....