Thursday, August 7, 2008

True Believers and Ad Hominem Atttacks

One of the crazy parts about blogging is how thick a skin one must have to continue. Here I am, a yutz from nowhere, just writing about the ideas and thoughts I have. I don't make any coin from this, I don't have a place at any show on Sunday morning.

These are just ideas. They might be wrong, they might be right. All I am doing is trying to come up with a way to wrap my own head around this thorny set of problems that we call life.

Well, I am sick of whenever I posit an idea, getting ripped into by some guy for not having the same opinion as he does.

It appears that I can solve the problem by getting rid of the anonymous comment feature.

Guess what?


Marine 83 said...

On one hand I agree. If you are going to post a comment, at least have the courage/courtesy not to do so anonymously. On the other hand when you stray from preparedness into politcs you should expect people to disagree with you, and not be shy about saying so. One of the hazards of blogging I suspect.

Degringolade said...

Thanks Marine:

You have not been shy about pointing out your disagreements with my politics. I actually like that part. But when you are talking Other peoples women, politics, or religion, courtesy is essential. I hope that you will tell me whenever you feel I am mistaken.


Marine 83 said...

I read your site everyday and usually enjoy it. I pipe up when I disagree or agree as the mood strikes me. I encourge you to keep writing and ignore attack comments. It seems like there are trolls on most of the preparedness sites these days.

Bustednuckles said...

Yep , getting rid of anonymous comments is a good dose of TrollBgone.

Fortunately, I don't get that much traffic so I don't even worry about 'em when they do show up.

I just let 'em say what they want and ignore them, unless they go over the top, then I delete their ass.

hilljack33 said...

Get rid of the anonymous comment feature, I delete fools comments all the time. I posted "Amusing Comment" on my blog "Down In The Hills" this morning. Some jerk from France calls me a pussy, I got better thing to do than deal with clowns like that. If you run a blog, every jerk on the internet thinks they can make rubbish comments. Do like I do, delete them and ban them. I made an example of this fool. If readers don't want to show some respect, screw them.

Mayberry said...

I ignore 'em, or bitch slap 'em if the mood strikes me. I ain't had no troll problems since I gave the last one the what for.... Hell, I think it's fun to see ignorance in black and white. And to set 'em straight. To each his own!

Stephanie said...

My only problem is remembering my Google/Blogger ID because I usually do the name & webpage option (not listed here.)

Stephanie in AR