Friday, October 30, 2020

Places to Vent

It is hard not to be angry.  I really try for weary resignation, as that seems the most appropriate, but I keep getting angry.

I am trying to understand the world and that does nothing but set me up for failure.  Because when you spend time trying to understand the world, it seems to be putting all of its efforts in the task of being beyond my comprehension.  This is unfortunate to say the least, ashere I sit on the down-slope to being a septuagenarian, with all the attendant physical and mental challenges therein, and the world just seems intent on fucking with me.

This one here is going to be be one for the record books.  Democratic party has been built around the simple idea that screwing the bottom eighty-percent of the country is "good for the economy".  What they don't add to their core value statement is the necessary statement "of the 20% of the population that matter".  You might hate Trump, but these folks came out of the abortion that was the Clinton Administration.  Biden was the Clinton's water carrier in the 90's.  Folks, look at the core pieces of legislation that got us exactly where we are now.  I ain't gonna spend time enumerating, but his record is there and he is one of those whose decisions in the past landed us exactly where we are now.

Not only do we have a President who is, shall we be charitable, of questionable competence, his platform and his base simple idea that the Now, I can't for a minute say that fuckwad's policies are good for more than the top 40%, but in relative terms, I think that he is a smidge better to the "non-elite".  He hasn't started any wars and the body count being racked up by his erstwhile "administration" is the lowest in decades.  It is kinda like Falstaff became president.  Bluster and reality are a strange mix and he sure doesn't inspire any kind of confidence.  I don't think that he has broken anything that wasn't broken anyway, the poor dumbass just wants to be in charge and will preside over the fall.  Not an enviable position, but from where it looks from here, the situation isn't salvageable anyway.

Shit.  I am not part of this.  I'm taking some days off and not going to bother thinking about this.  Maybe I'll see you Wednesday

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